Clay Graham, co-president, was born in Phoenix, Arizona and was the head writer and Executive Producer of “The Drew Carey Show” for seven years. The show aired on ABC for nine years and is now syndicated throughout the world. Clay studied Journalism at the Cronkite School at ASU, where he won the Eugene C. Pulliam Journalism award. He wrote for Mad Magazine while still in college; wrote and produced the sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” soon after; and is currently writing his first novel. He lives in Portland, Oregon and loves playing piano, books, hiking and more books.


Kathy Kinney, co-president, was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and achieved international fame playing Mimi Bobeck on “The Drew Carey Show” for nine years. (Kathy is the only member of the Mrs P team who has had a doll manufactured in her image.) Before playing Mimi, Kathy had guest starring roles on “Seinfeld” and “Grace Under Fire,” as well as portraying Miss Goddard, the town librarian, on “Newhart.” She also appeared in the films “This Boy’s Life” and “Stanley and Iris,” among others. She currently can be seen in the occasional episode of “My Name Is Earl.” She lives in Los Angeles, enjoys traveling, puttering and books.


Dana Plautz, co-president, was born in New York and raised in Southern California. She began her career working for producer Norman Lear, creating new markets for entertainment properties. She later worked as a worldwide marketing executive for Hanna-Barbera Studios, which produced such animated classics as “The Jetsons,” “Scooby-Doo” and “The Flintstones.” Dana became involved in the Internet and New Media when she accepted a position at Intel. She also has a strong philanthropic, community and government board service record, with a special interest in supporting arts and education. Dana lives in Portland, Oregon and enjoys swimming, rhyming, and watching her husband cook gourmet meals.